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Menu to publish on websites and portals connected to the I-Rent system

I-Rent gives you the option of connecting with and advertising on other websites and portals, even if they don’t work with the I-Rent system. Publication is enabled through XML-feeds and ensures that you as professional rental agency who is already working with the I-Rent system can place your accommodations on external portals with a single mouse-click. This way, you don’t have to be in constant contact and you don’t have to upload the accommodation over and over again, as the XML-feeds send the availability and offers of a particular accommodation in real-time on your behalf.

You can advertise where and how you wish. The XML-feed service is available via I-Rent for a fixed payment (to I-Rent) per publication which will be deducted from your I-Rent Credit. Some portals may ask a commission for the booking of your accommodation via their portals or an advertisement fee.

I-Rent is constantly busy expanding its connections and the number of external portals on which you can advertise. You therefore do not have to invest any of your own time; we will handle the connection with the portals and let you know on our website, here on the help website and our social media like facebook and our blog about new connections. Indeed, we are open to your adding your own portal or recommending one to us.

How does it work?

  1. Find the external websites and collaborators of your interest. Information about each company connected to the I-Rent system you can find here or in your account in the menu “Publish on External Websites” by clicking on the symbol for more information.
  2. Contact the external website for a collaboration agreement.
  3. Once agreed upon the publication, the external website will provide you with their key.
  4. Add this company to your list of agents and define the collaboration. From that moment on the publication possibility will be enabled for this external website for all your accommodations.
  5. At the same time provide the external website with your Code and SysId which you can find in the menu Administrator Information in your account. With these codes the external website can receive your accommodations in the feed once you´ve published them.
  6. Publish the accommodation(s) on the external website. Go to “Publish on External Websites” by clicking with your right mouse click on the accommodation and click on “Publish” for the website you want to publish the accommodation on. Requierements for showing your accommodation can vary per website or portal but minimum requirements are photographs, up-to-date prices and a description.

The accommodations and changes made in the accommodation information are not shown directly online on the website. It depends on the external website or portal how frequent they process and update the data.

You can publish several or all accommodations at once in the menu WEB Distribution. In this same menu you can see at any time which accommodations you have published where.



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