Here you can fill in the details of agents with whom you collaborate. These agents receive a commission for the rental of your accommodations. Below is a description of how this works and how you can automate this process using the I-Rent system.

We differentiate between 2 types of Agents: those agents who work with the I-Rent system, and those who do not.

To add an agent who also works with I-Rent, click on Add Agent.

All you have to do is ask the agent for his Key, fill it in, and click on “Fill with key”. The rest of the details will automatically be filled in, including the agent’s logo. Click on “Save” and “Refresh List”, and the agent will appear in your list.

To add an agent who does not use I-Rent, click New Agent

On the screen that appears you fill in the details of the Agent. Only the red fields are required, but as you will see it is best to fill in all fields. Under “Key”, choose an abbreviation for the name of the agent, as a reference code for, among others, the commissions overview in the Agents Commission Chart. For example: the company Poolvillas has a Key “PV”.

The “Code” does not have to be filled in; this will be handled automatically.
Click “Save”, and you will be returned to the list of agents. Click “Refresh” to refresh the page. The Agent is now published in the list.

Create a login for your agent

You can also create logins for your agents (created as new agent so the ones that do not have access already to the I-Rent system), with which they gain access to accommodation information and planning, so that they can check the availability of the accommodations themselves.

Not to worry: they can only view the information, not change it. Even in this limited access, they will have no access to bookings, customers, or company details.

This option is impeccably handy, because agents will not lose time when trying to find answers for customers by first contacting you. This speeds up the process and makes dealing with customers fast and easy.
A login for an agents can be done by clicking the magnifying glass . A screen will appear with a list of users that are currently in the system for this agent. Click on ‘New User’.

Create a login and password and fill in the relevant details. Click “Save” to store these details. You will be returned to the list of users. Click on “Refresh” to refresh the page and the new user will be added to the list.

Now, click on the magnifying glass next to the name and check “Bookings”.
The agent now has access to Individual Planning, the Accommodation Infosheet, and can create bookings in the accommodations that they have access to.

If you wish to grant more access rights to your agents, then check “Agents”.
Now the agent will have access to “Earned Commission” and the “Arrival and Departure list”, both of which can be found under the menu “Management”.

Click here for a short instruction you can sent to your agent when you provide him with the login.



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