The right hand side of your website is free to fill in and can be filled with banners and links of your choice.

Usually the right hand side is used to provide the visitor of the website with more information, this can be done with banners or links. The banners can contain an image, title and a link.

Ideas for banners

  • The telephone assistence, this banner links to a contactform which enters directly in your account under Phone call requests.
  • Social media: a banner to your Facebook page, Blog, Twitter etc.
  • Banners for pages within you own website that you want to give extra attention to e.g. special offers (all accommodations that have a discount at that moment), a list of luxery accommodations (all accommodations with 5 stars), a list of a type of accommodation in a specific area or town (villas in Denia) etc.
  • Banners with information pages like touristic information or activities that can be done in the area. These can be links to other websites e.g. the weather forecast, car rental, where to book flights or pages within your own website that you have created yourself in your account e.g. playing golf at the Costa Blanca, ideas for a day out, the nearby zoo and (water)parks.

Create banners

To create or edit the banners follow these steps:

  • Click on Toggle Translations at the bottom of your website.
  • Pluses appear at each word or part of the website that can be edited. Also the banners on the right hand side have a + below.
  • Click on the + below the banners.
  • A window will open asking your for your name and password (these are the same as your login for the I-Rent back office system).
  • The text editor opens.
  • Make the changes and click on save.

Create links for banners

As written above you can link the banners to other websites of interest, your social network pages and information texts you have created in your back office. You can also create a link to a list of search results, for this you need a filter or as we call it a parameter.

The link is constructed by: your website followed by “requests/search_results.aspx?” and then the parameter.


If you want to create a list of luxery accommodations you can use as a criteria the valuation of the accommodation 5 stars. The url then would be: which gives you a list of all accommodations with 5 stars.

In case you want a list of all accommodations with Wifi the url would be:

A list of all parameters you can use to create links for your banners and their values you can find here below:

Parameter in URL Significance Values
id_alojamiento Id Accommodation Id I-rent
villa_name Name of the accommodation Name in I-rent
type Accommodation type A: Country; B: Area;
C: Province; D: Location;
E: Urbanization
country Country Id I-rent
area Area Id I-rent
location Location Id I-rent
people Amount of people (equal and mayor) Number larger than zero
stars Amount of stars (equal and mayor) Number larger than zero
offer Special offers 1
ofd Offers and discounts
winter Accommodations Long Term rental 1
novelty Novelty accommodations 1
bathroom Valuation bathrooms 1 to 10
exterior Valuation exterior 1 to 10
interior Valuation interior 1 to 10
kitchen Valuation kitchen 1 to 10
pool Valuation swimming pool 1 to 10
privacy Valuation privacy 1 to 10
view Valuation view 1 to 10
airco Amount of airconditioning units Number larger than zero
central_heating Accommodations with central heating 1
telephone Accommodations with telephone 1
internet Accommodations with internet 1
wifi Accommodations with WIFI 1
computer Accommodations with computer 1
pets Accommodations that alow pets 1
satellite_antenna Accommodations with satelite or cable TV 1
alarm_system Accommodations with alarm system 1
private_pool Accommodations with private pool 1
parking Accommodations with parking 1
wheel Accommodations suitable for wheel chairs 1
seaview Accommodations with sea view 1
privatebeach Accommodations with private beach 1
receptionist Accommodations with receptionist 1
airportservice Accommodations with airport service 1
maid Accommodations with maid service 1
cook Accommodations with cook service 1
golfresort Accommodations on a golfresort 1
spa Accommodations with spa 1
surveillance Accommodations with surveillance 1
assistance Accommodation with emergency telephone 1
admin Accommodations from an administrator 1
od Accommodations from an owner 1
pm Accommodations with professional management 1
bp Accommodations with price guarantee 1


Note: Editing banners requires knowlegdement of HTML.



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