Creating a basic keyword info text

A keyword info text tool is a text editor with which you can create your own texts for your website powered by I-Rent.

Examples are information texts about services your company offers, information about the area like which golf courses are nearby or any text you would like to publish for your clients e.g. that you have accommodations where the pets of the clients are also welcome.

Creating an info text can be done in your back office account of I-Rent:

  • Login your account preferably with Internet Explorer
  • Go to the menu Accommodations, Keyword info texts
  • Click on New Text in the top left corner

  • Select the Language
  • Enter a Title that suits you. The title is for internal use only and a required field.
  • Enter Keywords like travel insurance or Golf courses, Costa Blanca. This is a required input field.
  • If you want to limit the geographical areas enter the places in Keyplaces.
  • The Automatic URL will display the number in front of the suffix (this is always .aspx) like _number.aspx as soon as you save the info text.
  • Use the text editor on the right to enter* and create the text.
  • You can insert a photo stored on your computer using in the editor the symbol:
  • You can insert a link by first selecting a text which you want to convert into a link and then click on:
    An example:

  • Click on save
  • After you have clicked on save, in the Automatic URL field the link is now shown. You can use this link when you want to make an explicit link to this page.

* Note:

In case you already have your text created in a Word-document or on a website, you can copy and paste the text into the editor. We recommend you keep the following in mind: copy and paste the text without formatting (!) by, for example, first placing the text in the Notepad and then copying and pasting it into the I-Rent form. This is necessary because the I-Rent word processor will not accept text size, colours, or other formatting from Word. The text could be parsed incorrectly, making it unintelligible when published to the web.

You can also use the . The text will be copied without layout formatting, and you can style it at will using the appropriate Tools.

Advanced keyword info text

Advanced editing and writing of keyword info texts requires knowledge of HTML.

HTML Editor

  • Click on HTML below the editor and enter the HTML code in here.
  • When you finish entering the HTML, you click on the Edit below again
  • You can save the text here (in the Edit tab)

Manual URL
Introducing a manual URL is possible but you need to maintain the number of the info text at the end _number.aspx



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