Before you begin publishing

Before you begin publishing accommodations, you should collect the following data.

1. Administrator data

  • Details regarding your company, your logo, your bank data (including IBAN and SWIFT/BIC for international bank transfers), and reservation terms.
  • Details about your company: a short text with general information that will be placed alongside every accommodation. For example, information regarding arrival and departure days, the check-in and check-out times, your business hours, sum of the safety deposit (if any), maximum occupancy, standard amenities, services included in the price, what is not included in the price, extras, etc.
  • Payment terms: what percentages customers are expected to pay, and when.
  • Users: overview and e-mail addresses of employees who are to receive login credentials for the account.

2 Information about the accommodations

  • Season data (high season, low season, etc.)
    • Season data for the customer
    • Season data for the owner
  • Fill in the Accommodation Information Sheet – you can use the model
  • Accommodation description (Optional – you can also use the Automated Description)
  • Photos of the accommodation—inside as well as outside.
  • Geographic coordinates (optional) and location

3. Acommodation availability

  • Determine the time period during which the accommodation will not be available for hire.
  • Any bookings for or occupancy by the owner of the accommodation himself/herself.
  • Any time periods that are only available upon request and cannot be booked directly online. This means that the accommodation is available, but that any booking must first be checked, for example with the owner.
  • All other time periods are available for online booking.



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