You can access the menu description by clicking with your right mouse click on the accommodation in the list accommodations. Here you can enter the accommodation description in different languages through the use of a text editor program. There are 2 ways to start making a description: you can either enter a description manually or you can use the automated description of the I-Rent system: Auto Description.

Manual Description

Click on in the right box, next to the language of your choice. Then, enter the description in the textbox at the left-bottom.
To save the entered text, click on .

Note: If you already have an accommodation description in a Word document or on a website, you can copy and paste it in the textbox for the description. We kindly urge you to copy the text ‘without formatting’. This can be accomplished by first copying and pasting the text to the Notepad, and then transferring it to the textbox in the I-Rent system. This is necessary because the I-Rent word processing system doesn’t accept font size, colours, or other options from Word. The text could be parsed incorrectly and become unreadable on the web. You can also use the symbol . The text will then be copied without formatting, after which you can once more adjust it using the provided Tools in the editor.

Automated Description

  • The tool is available in 14 languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Catalan, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Polish and Indonesian.
  • The texts are created based on the information introduced in the accommodation information; the more information is introduced here, the more complete will be your descriptions.
  • The text is generated every time you save the accommodation information. This means:
    • For new accommodations introduced the texts are available when you filled in the accommodation information
    • For accommodation introduced before this tool was released (20/06/2012) you have to save the accommodation information again first one time to create the texts
    • Every time you update or add information to the accommodation information a new version of the description is available for you to download. It´s not updated automatically to prevent manually introduced texts or text parts from being overwritten.

How to create an automated text

  1. Save the accommodation information and go the menu descriptions (right mouse click on the accommodation name in list accommodations).
  2. Click on the icon in the right box, next to the language of your choice to create the automated text. The icon can be found between the edit icon and the flag of the language. If you don’t see the Automated Description symbol, return to the Accommodation Infosheet and save it again. This will generate the automated text.
  3. The automated text will appear in the textbox at the left. Also above the editor the language is shown in green, which indicates us that we are now working on that particular language, the same is indicated above the text editor “Current Language: ”
  4. Save this text by clicking on . If you would like to change the text or enter some of your own text in the automated text, you can do so in the text editor, edit it as desired and saving it again.

Note: You should bear in mind that the quality of the Automated Description relies on the input of the Accommodation Infosheet; the more complete and accurate it is entered, the better the quality of the description, since the Infosheet is the source for creating the automated text!

General information about the descriptions

Above the descriptions, you can choose between different colours. These colours are created to keep control of the status of your texts. The signification of each colour can be decided by you and has no influence on the text itself as it is again, just a way for you to control if a text is done or still needs changes.
To give an idea of how you could explain the colours:

Blue = Original text
To indicate that this is the original text as it was entered when you use manual description. When you choose one language as a base language, you will always know which language the description was original written in (in case of contradictories in translations for example).
Green = Text is OK
Orange = The text is still awaiting approval.
Red = Text needs reviewing: it hasn’t been translated, or something is wrong.

Please note: The editor is not compatible with all browsers, we recommend you to use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.



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