Menu to create users for each employee working in the company.

All employees in your organization will receive their own login. However, there are usually only one or two people who administer the logins. Not all employees receive the same access rights for the system. The logins you can manage in the menu Users under Administrator, Parameters.

Create a login

To create a login for an employee, click on “New User” and fill in the fields.
After filling in all fields, click on “Save” to save the new user’s details. After this, click on “Refresh list” to see the new user in the overview list of all users.

Assign rights to the login

Not all employees have the same access rights. To change these rights, click on the magnifying glass next to the name of the user and click on the components which the user has access to and is allowed to use. If you don’t specify any of these, the user will have no access at all! Only users with Administrator rights can manage and administer logins.

Deactivate a login

Go back to the list users under Administrator – Parameters. Look up the login you want to deactivate now and click on edit .

Unmark the field “active” and click on save.

The username is now moved to inactive users, you can mark “Show inactive users” at the right hand at the top of the list to enable this in case you need the login again.

Note: It is important to give everyone a unique login. All actions for each user are logged, the web forms are signed by the person who filled them in, and in the event of an option or a booking, the user is registered as the contact person. In short, ‘who did what’ is logged. This is valuable not only to your organization, but also to the customer.

Note: you can never remove a login, since certain information is linked to the account of the person who used the system. You can, however, deactivate a login. To do this, uncheck the box Active as described above.

Note: This menu is for creating logins for persons you want to provide with access to your account e.g. each employee of the company. This is not for creating logins for owners (see: Create a login for an owner) nor creating logins for agents (see: Agents)



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