Owner booking

An “Owner booking” is a (private) booking of the owner, for himself or for his friends and family.
On one hand, it is not a real booking because the owner does not pay of course for the stay in his own home; but on the other hand, certain arrangements must be made that are the same as a regular booking: there is an occupancy period, many owners want to have cleaning services, have the beds made, etc. The Owner Bookings also appear in arrival and departure lists so that everyone knows that the owner is currently occupying his home and the accommodation isn’t empty.

Placing an owner booking

To create an owner booking, go to ‘Management’ => ‘New Owner Booking’, or if you are already in the accommodation planner, go to the start date, right-click, and select “Start New Owner Booking Here”.

Fill in the necessary details in the screen that appears. The dates can be entered by hand using the format DD/MM/YYYY, or you can use the calendar to choose a date.

To enter the owner’s data or that of the person who will be occupying the accommodation:
The owner’s details, as stated in Contract Data in Accommodation Information will be filled in automatically.
Edit a customer’s details
Add a new customer
Search for an existing customer’s details

If the ‘Occupant’ is the same as the person paying the bill (e.g., for cleaning costs), click to copy the data to the “Bill to” field. If not, fill in the additional bill address and addressee.

If the owner is coming with a pet, click ‘Pets’.

In the right-hand fields, your company can place comments and remarks, such as what must be done before arrival or after departure. If an owner has created his own Owner Booking online with his own login, you will see any remarks by the owner under Owner notes.

Click “update” to save the entered remarks. The booking is now in the accommodation planner, which can be found via ‘Bookings’ => Individual Calendar or Monthly Calendar, as well as in the list of owner bookings: ‘Management’ => List Owner Bookings.

Removing an owner booking

An owner booking can be cancelled under “List Owner Bookings” in the menu ‘Management’. Click beside the booking number that you wish to remove, then click accept.




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