Contract Data

Part of the menu accommodation information (which you can access with your right mouse click on the accommodation in the list accommodations) that contains the applicable details of the rental agreement that you have made with the owner of the accommodation.

Visible in I-Rent System
It is important to select “Yes” under Visible in I-Rent System. Only then your accommodation is shown in “List accommodations” and under “Show visible properties only”. Visible does not mean that the accommodation is visible on the websites; rather, it means that the accommodation is visible in the system: the calendar/planner, the booking assistant, the list of bookings, etc. and all the tools that are available for use during your day-to-day rental operations.
To show the accommodation on the websites, see: Publish on the websites

Accounting Code
It is possible that your bookkeeping may rely on using codes for the accommodations. Should this be the case, you can enter an appropriate accounting code here.

Accommodation Owner / Key Holder
The following icons are visible while entering the details of the accommodation owner or key holder (the address of the person or company who will give the customer the keys on the day of arrival. It is very well possible that it is your company):

append or edit the entered data
add a new person
search for the data of a person already in the system
remove the person data from this component
copy the person data to the Keyholder

Contract begins / Contract Ends
Here you can state the expiration date of the contract you have with the owner with regard to the accommodation. This is only for internal use and has no impact in the system.

Professional Management
I-Rent has a number of icons that can be placed next to the accommodation on the website and that ensure a certain sense of guarantee for the customer. ‘Professional Management’ is one of these. The potential tenant knows that if he rents an accommodation with this icon, that a professional organisation is managing it.
By clicking Professional Management, you automatically agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You are responsible for the management of the accommodation.
  • You will provide an address where the tenant can pick up his keys on arrival.
  • You will provide a reception that the tenant can visit if there are questions or problems, but also to phone, for mail, fax, or internet.
  • You will provide cleaning services.
  • You are responsible for contractual items, such as linen, laundry service, etc.
  • To receive this exclusive icon, we ask a small annual fee.

    Best Price Guarantee
    I-Rent has a number of icons that can be placed next to the accommodation on the website and that ensure a certain sense of guarantee for the customer. ‘Best Price Guarantee’ is one of these. The potential tenant knows that if he rents an accommodation with this icon, that he is guaranteed not to find this accommodation for less anywhere else.
    By clicking Best Price Guarantee, you guarantee that the accommodation is not published anywhere else for a lower price. To receive this exclusive icon, we ask a small annual fee.

    Terms and conditions for the customer:

    Because prices of vacation accommodations on the internet can frequently change, we require you to e-mail us immediately within 24 hours after reserving your accommodation if you find this accommodation anywhere else for a lower price. Your e-mail should include the following information: your name, your reservation number, and the website where the accommodation is published for a lower price. Incomplete or inaccurate information will disqualify your request from being considered.
    This guarantee is not applicable to bookings that are made on the same day.
    This guarantee is only applicable for prices published on the website. The lower online price must be available at the time of your claim, within the 24-hour period. Screenshots will not be considered valid proof.
    The lower price must be available online for the same accommodation, the same arrival and departure days, and the same reservation conditions.
    The lower price must be listed in the same currency.
    We will only refund the difference between our price and the lower price if you actually use the booking and don’t cancel. If there is a restitution that does not adhere to the above terms and conditions, our general rental conditions will still apply.

    Sales Season (client part) and Purchase Season (owner part)
    Under ‘Sales Season’ and ‘Purchase Season’ choose the appropriate season definition that you created under Season Definition.

    Minimum Stay
    Here you can choose a fixed minimum stay or for the days as entered in the Season Definition.

    Guarantee amount
    It is possible that you have agreed on a guarantee amount with the owner. Fixed rental income that you guarantee the owner, for the entire year or for a part of the year. Here you can establish such an agreement. Fill in the agreed-upon amount and for which period it is valid (start and ending dates).

    For Long Term Rental
    Flag this box if this specific accommodation is for long-term rental only. For example: you rent the accommodation per month during the winter or per month during the entire year. Your accommodation will then be placed in the list of Long Term Rentals, available under the “List Accommodations” if you click “Show Long Term Rentals” in the top right-hand corner.

    Note: If you want to offer your accommodation for short term as well as long term rentals, you have to upload your accommodation twice. In this case, don’t forget to share their planning.

    Online Booking
    Check Online Booking so that potential customers can place options or book via the internet. You can add an On Demand Period, should there be a period that is upon request.

    Note: Flag this box if you want people to place options or to be able to book via the internet. If you do not check the box, no online options or bookings can be made. Moreover, the accommodation will not appear in search results of clients searching with dates.

    It is possible that you do not wish to offer all of your accommodations to specific tour operators or agents, but rather a fixed group of accommodations. For example, only all 5-star villas, or a group of accommodations in a specific region, etc. You can give such a group a number, after which you can indicate to which “package” number the accommodation belongs.

    Safety Deposit
    Here you fill in the sum of the safety deposit that applies for this accommodation. If the deposit is the same for all accommodations, fill this in under Administrator Information under ‘Default Caution’. In short, fill in this field only if the safety deposit for this accommodation is different from the standard deposit.



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