On demand period

An “On demand period” is a period during which the accommodation can be booked, but only upon request, which means that online booking is ruled out. Often, it is possible that the owner or keyholder must first be contacted to verify that they will agree to the rental.

Create an on demand period

To create an on demand period, go to ‘Management’ => ‘New On Demand Period’. Fill in the appropriate details in the screen that appears. The dates can be entered by hand in the format DD/MM/YYYY, or you can click on the calendar and choose the dates.

Click “Save” to store your changes.

The On Demand Period is now in the accommodation planner, which can be retrieved via ‘Bookings’ => Individual Calendar, wherein the dates are listed in red. In the Monthly Calendar, the dates are marked with question marks (?). You can also find this on demand period in the list of On Demand Periods in ‘Management’ => List On Demand Periods.

Options and bookings that fall within a non available period

In an on demand period, no booking is allowed online, either through the customer online, or through you directly via the system. The system warns you that the period is on demand, and any attempt to place a booking will automatically result in the placing of an option.
If you want to convert the option to a booking because the period is indeed available, this is only possible if the manager or the person within the company who has the appropriate user rights logs in and converts the option to a booking (see Confirming an option).

Removing an on demand period

An on demand period can be removed in the ‘List On Demand Periods’ in the menu ‘Management’. Click to the left of the number with the dates you wish to remove. Then click accept.




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