Publish on collaborators websites

Menu to publish your accommodation on website(s) of other companies that have a website powered by I-Rent and you collaborate with.

You can publish an accommodation on the website(s) of collaborating agents who also work with the I-Rent Booking System and that you have added under Agents and defined the collaboration with, by clicking with your right mouse click on the accommodation in list accommodations and go to publish on collaborators websites.

Check ‘Visible’ for those websites on which you wish to have the accommodation published and click “Save” to store your changes. The costs of publication are listed next to each agent. Your total balance is displayed at bottom-left under “I-Rent Credit”. To put your accommodations on these websites, you need credit on your I-Rent account.

The request will stay ‘pending’ until the other party approves. The other party will automatically receive an e-mail with the request to publish on their websites, and they can accept or decline it. Only once the agent accepts your request for publication will the sum be deducted from your balance.

Note: all listings have 3 requirements:

  • The accommodation has photographs
  • The accommodation has up-to-date prices
    Note: once your price period ends, the accommodations will no longer be visible on the website(s). For example: you have currently entered prices until September 3rd, but if you don’t add any more prices, the accommodation will no longer be published after September 3rd due to missing price information
  • The accommodation has a description in the applicable language
    In other words, if the accommodation has no description in French, it will not be published on any website(s) in French.

If you wish to publish several or all accommodations at once you can do so in the menu WEB Distribution.



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