Location et vacances

Website: www.location-et-vacances.com
Language(s): French, Spanish, English, Italian, German
Location et Vacances is: Portal
Visitors: 500.000 visitors per month

Average 500.000 visitors per month, in 2012 8 Millions.

Destinations: France, Spain, Italy, England, Germany, USA, Portugal
They are interested in extending their current offer with new destinations.

The accommodations are published on www.location-et-vacances.com and www.alquiler-vacaciones.location-et-vacances.com. These websites are available in French, Spanish, English, Italian and German and work with publications on request with contact form, no online booking possibilities.

Company details

Domaine des Ouches 2A Rue de l’Aéroport BAT C
Tel number: +336. /+336.

Contact person

You can find the details of the contact person for i-rent.net users in your account under publish on external websites.

How do they work?

Location et Vacances does not handle the booking with the tenant, they will send the tentant to the rental agency by e-mail or telephone. The rental agency has also an account/login with them.

What does it cost?*

Location et Vacances charges a fee per advertisement or a fee per pack of advertisements. You can find their prices here.

About Location et Vacances

“- Optimal visibility in search engines: Google

– We have more than 280.000 clients that are clients of the L&V club who search their rentals on our website

– Our website is translated in 5 languages and we are present in several countries (Italy, Spain, Germany and England)

– We had 8 Million visitors in 2012, upto 30.000 visitors per day in the peak season. Since the creation of the website our traffic is increasing, between 2011 and 2012 +37%

– You can apply changes all year round to optimize your content, the important things for us is the amount of advertisements, not the advertisement itself.”

Important remarks

The websites don´t have a search engine for weekends.

*Prices are excl. publication costs of the i-rent.net system.




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