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Websites: and
Language(s): English and local languages
Holiday Lettings is: Portal
Visitors: 69 million per month

Holiday Lettings reaches 69 million unique monthly visitors* through their partnership with TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel network.

Destinations: Worldwide

Urls and languages of the websites where the accommodations will be shown:

  • .ca .br .it .es .de .fr .ie .au .nl .ar .mx

On Holiday Lettings only in English. On TripAdvisor in all 13 countries listed above in their local languages.

The websites work on a on request base with contact form or telephone. In the future Holiday Lettings hopes to be able to offer online booking and online payment possibilities to all of their agents.

Company details

Holiday Lettings Ltd
2nd Floor, Barclays House, 242-254 Banbury Road
Oxford, OX2 7BY
Tel: +44 (0)1865 312 034

Contact person

You can find the details of the contact person for users in your account under publish on external websites.

How do they work?

Holiday Lettings does not handle the booking with the tenant. The agent who advertises with them answers the holidaymaker’s questions, Holiday Lettings will put the tenant and local rental agency in contact through contact forms and by telephone.

What does it cost?**

  • An amount per enquiry on our Pay Per Enquiry (PPE) model
  • They hope to be able to offer a Pay on Performance (POP) and commission per booking model later this year (2013)

Normally they charge £6 per unique email or telephone enquiry.

As a client of I-Rent Holiday Lettings offers you an introductory rate of £4 per enquiry for 3 months and then £6 thereafter.

About Holiday Lettings from TripAdvisor

Global reach

Reach 69 million unique monthly visitors* through our partnership with TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel network.

Flexible price plans

Competitive rates and volume discounts designed to work with you and your budget.

Targeted marketing

Top Google spender in our sector, our targeted advertising supports you in growing your business. TripAdvisor reviews help you to build your reputation.

Automatic updates

Using Sapphire, our API Web Services, your calendars, rental rates and property details will automatically update. The integration is easy and seamless too.

Dedicated account managers

Our UK based multilingual team is full of experts on marketing holiday lettings around the world.

Your personal account manager will help you get the biggest return on investment for your portfolio.”

* Through the TripAdvisor Media Group. Source: comScore Media Metrix for TripAdvisor Inc. and its subsidiaries, Worldwide, May 2012
** Prices are excl. publication costs of the system.



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