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“What you need to know when working with”

Before you start:

  • Only online bookable accommodations are accepted
  • You need to have a credit card payment system
  • asks 15% commission
  • charges 5€ per booking
  • You need high resolution pictures of your properties, the minimum requirements for pictures is 2048 x 1536 pixels (3.1 megapixels)
  • Working with you agree with the SMS service of for new bookings. As may sent you several last minute bookings and you need to accept these, an SMS service is created to advice you of all new incoming bookings of this portal to make sure the accommodation is prepared in time. This service is part of the package and costs € 0,20 per message, you should provide with at least one mobile number.

And bear in mind:

  • You can´t charge the extra for reservation costs for bookings from, it´s their policy when you book on as they guarantee “No booking fees”.
  • You can only publish the accommodation itself as a whole, not the varieties of it. E.g. a villa for 12 persons that you have uploaded 3 times with prices for 12, 8 and 6 people, with you can only publish the 12 person villa, not the doubles.
  • It´s not possible to send supplements on the prices to (at least for now).
  • offers the possibility to specify a “Release Until” restriction meaning that “X” hours before a certain date, they can block/stop reservations. For example, 24 hours to make sure you don´t receive bookings for the same day.
  • On demand periods in are non available periods on (as only online bookable accommodations and periods are accepted).

The connection:

  • Contact first for the collaboration agreement
  • Connection is partly made by XML – ask to prepare the necessary files for you, with these files will prepare the pages for each accommodation.
  • Upload of the accommodation information is done mainly manually by, make sure to check the information carefully before going live.
  • is not shown as external website in your i-rent account – to add or delete properties you have to contact your account manager of

The extranet of

  • will provide you with a login to their extranet. Here you can see all the accommodations with their status on and their check the details. You can also edit some of the details here e.g change the order of the photos.
  • To send the availability and prices to the extranet of you need to save the menu prices in your i-rent account for the accommodation. After that, in the tab Rates&Availability, you will see not only the availability but also when you click e.g. on “Standard rate” and then “Show all options” in the right hand corner (if you do not have this option please ask your account manager to give you these permissions) the rate per night and restrictions as minimum stay and changeover day (called Closed on Arrival and Closed Departure).


  • Bookings will be placed automatically in your i-rent account and the reservation form of is sent to the client by email.
  • You need to take care of the contact with the client and payment.
  • In the comments of the booking in your i-rent account you will find the credit card details the client provided when making the booking on so you can charge the first payment.
  • The commissions are paid on a monthly base, after clients check out, via Direct Debit.

Extra costs

  • Extras costs are not calculated in the price.
  • The cost for the final cleaning is mentioned while making the booking as well as on the confirmation the tenant receives from
  • All other costs are mentioned on the website under “Policies” y “Important information”, make sure to provide with your extra costs and particularities.

Modifications and Cancelations

  • Tenants can modify their booking in their account with, this will be automatically updated in You need to accept these modifications, even if they don´t strike with your rules.
  • A client can also cancel his booking in their account with, your cancelation policy will be applicable here.
  • Make sure to update about changes in reservations you got from e.g. if a client cancels with you, to make sure the right commission is deducted from your bank account.

Add new properties with

Once published your properties with you can add new properties the following way:

1 upto 9 Properties:

  • Register each of the properties on or
  • Contact your accountmanager at about the new registration
  • He will send you some documentation to fill in (basically for the content of the property and to reconfirm some standard things like cleaning, deposit, etc.)
  • Once received this information their operations department will create the accommodation, connect it with so you can send the prices and availability (see above) and when you say “Ok” they will publish the property online.

+10 Properties:

  • Ask to create the same file as used for the initial upload of your properties.
  • Once received this file their operations department will create the accommodation, connect it with so you can send the prices and availability (see above) and when you say “Ok” they will publish the property online.

Delete properties from

To delete properties from the website of you need to contact them by e-mail or telephone or contact your account manager.



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