Information for partners of the system

All the commercial and technical information you need to connect your website or portal with the system.

Advantages for you as a partner of

  • You have access to a large amount of holiday accommodations.
  • Through the same connection you can collaborate with many rental agencies.
  • Contact and the collaboration is directly between you and the rental agency.
  • Information is provided to you by XML and Webservice in real time.
  • I-Rent will promote your website to all its users.

Connecting your website or portal means you have access to a large amount of holiday accommodations. All information of these accommodations as well as the availability is provided to you in real time by XML feeds and webservice.

The contact is directly between you and the rental agency that works with the system, I-Rent “only” facilitates the technical connection. The rental agencies will contact your company directly or you can also actively contact users.

The collaboration is between you and the rental agency as well, here again I-Rent is not involved as we “only” provide the technical possibilty to our users of publishing on your portal or website. Between both parties you agree upon rates, conditions, payments etc. I-Rent asks the user of the system (the rental agency) for a small fee per publication per year for the technical service, for among others maintenance and trafic on the server.

The technical connection by XML feeds

  1. The system provides 3 feeds, one for the accommodation information, one for the availability and one for the reservation conditions and particularities. You can find all the information including the manuals under XML Feeds in the developers section.
  2. In the manual of the information feed you will also find example codes for testing (an agent key, a website key and accommodation codes), with this test data you built the connection.
  3. In case you have any questions please contact us by clicking on the “Online support” on this website or you can contact us here.
  4. Once created the connection you can request us your own website key to obtain real data to sending us your company data and a url of the website where we can see an example of (an) accommodation(s) integrated.
  5. We will check the URL you´ve sent us to make sure data of our clients will be shown correctly on your website and will provide you then with your website key.

How to make connection and collaborate with the I-Rent agencies

  1. We will anounce you as are new partner on our blog and social media. Besides we will promote you on our website and add your company to the list of Our marketing partners with all it´s information for the user.
  2. And in the account of the rental agency using they will see your website(s) as one of the publication possibilities as well.
  3. The rental agency will contact you directly or you can contact them on a active base to agree upon a collaboration. As mentioned above the commercial deal is directly between you and the rental agency.
  4. As soon as the collaboration agreement has been made between both parties you need to provide the rental agency your key your received from I-Rent (not be confused with your website key). They need this key to add your company to their account and therewith activate the possibility of publishing accommodations on your website (this way we prevent that users can send you information in the feeds without having signed a collaboration agreement first).
  5. On the other hand the rental agency will provide you with his ID and/or code and they will publish their accommodations in their account so you can receive them in the feed.
  6. The accommodations are shown in the feed as soon as the user has published them in their account.



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