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The world is going mobile, make sure your holiday home is too.

Advantages of having your own website

  • Easy show, share and even promote your holiday home with its own website.
  • No longer you need to share a company website with many other holiday homes if you want to show your house to family or friends.
  • Direct bookings, people search for the person or company that offers the accommodation to book directly and will find your website.
  • Adapted for most mobile phones
  • All features
  • 8 languages
  • Bookings and questions will be handled by your agency as always so you don´t have to worry about that.

How it works

You may have received already from your agency the link to your own website, in that case the free demo version has already been created for you and you can try this out for free for one month. You can also create the demo version yourself:

  • Login to your account on http://hoa.i-rent.net with the username and password your agency gave you and go to the menu Webapp.
  • Click on “Try out” to create your own website and click on “Start demo”
  • You will receive an email of your request, the WebApp will be created in 24 working hours.
  • As soon as your WebApp is available you will receive an email and you can try this out for free during one month.

The demo version as well as the URL of your website (see below) can only be created once.

Buy the website

After creating a demo version you can buy your website in the same menu Webapp in your owner account by clicking on “Contract” and click on “Sign up webapp”. You will be redirected to the online payment system where you can pay by credit card.

Renew the website

The price of the website is per year, when the year is about to expire a reminder email will be sent to you. The payment for another year can be done the same way as when you bought the website in the menu Webapp of your owner account.

Cancel the website

To cancel a website, simply click on “Cancel”. Note: remaining months are not refunded.

Background photo

As soon as you have created a demo version of the website two more tabs will be available when you click on “Contract”. Here you can upload pictures for the back ground of the website as well as the back ground of the webapp on the mobile phone, even before you contract the website, just to try out.

If you don´t upload any picture(s) for the background, automatically the first picture of the accommodation will be shown here.

Changing the background picture can be done any time, just go back to the same menu and upload a new photo however bear in mind it can take several days before the new photos is shown online.

Tips to upload background pictures:

  • Make sure the photo for the desktop background is horizontal
  • Make sure the photo for the mobile background is vertical
  • You can upload a picture of your holiday home as a background but also nice landscapes or photos of the surroundings for example.
  • The picture you use can have any size (length and width in pixels) you want but the file itself may not exceed more than 500kb. This is to make sure the WebApp opens and is shown quickly.
  • The picture needs to be a jpg file


Standard the URL consist of the accommodationname.companywebsite.com as you can see in the menu when you click on “Try out”. Here you can change the name as well if you like but only the first time before clicking on “Try out”, once the WebApp is created you can´t change this URL any more.

If you want to use another URL than the one suggested or change the URL of your website, please contact our support department or your agency.

What does it cost?

You can now try out your website for free during 1 month. After that the costs are only € 150,- per year. You can buy your website when you login to your personal account and go to the menu webapp or contact your agency.

The website on your mobile phone

Open the website in the browser on your mobile phone or go to the accommodation on the website of the agency and scan the QR code next to it.

The first time you open the webapp in your browser it will offer you the possibility to add the webapp to the home screen of your mobile phone. After that you can add it yourself at any time, how that works depends on your mobile phone.

You can share the webapp by email, sms, facebook or twitter with friends or family using the share button in the webapp.

Note: High resolution pictures are required for the website to be shown correctly.




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