A list of the tenants payments for the rental amount(s) of the bookings and the extras.

You can find the list of payments under Management. Here you will find all the payments that correspond to your company, the rental amount(s) and the extras to be paid at booking when you are the agent of the booking and/or the extras to be paid upon arrival/departure when you are the administrator of the accommodation of the booking.

The payments are shown with the booking number and confirmation date, accommodation, administrator and agent of the booking, the tenant, arrival and departure dates and the details of the payment; when it needs to be paid (due payment), payment date when it´s paid (paid), the amount and the method (how the tenant paid) and in the last column the contactperson of the booking.

Above the list you can find several filters;

  • Season: to change the year
  • Payment type: booking payments for a rental amount or the type of extra can be selected here
  • Status – where you can change between: pending, paid or any

You can order the list by clicking on the titles.

The orange simbol in front of a payment means the payment date has expired, these payments needs extra attention.
The blue simbol means the payment is on the way, you can manage this in the booking itself in the menu payments.

When you open a booking, by clicking on the booking number you will see that each booking has a menu payments where you can find all the payment details of the booking. When the text is in black it´s information, when it´s in green the payments has been received already and when it´s red, the payments should have been done already.

Mark an amount as paid

To mark an amount as paid you open a booking by clicking on the booking number, you can do this in this list or from anywhere in the system. Go to the menu payments and click here on simbol behind the amount you like to mark as paid.

A small menu will open where you can see the details and edit the payment date if necessary. You also choose in this screen the payment method, standard you have here 3 already created (click on the green plus to edit them) which are Bank account, in your office or POS (online payment system). Sent a confirmation to the client is automatically marked, unmark this if you don´t want to send an email to the client. Click on save, the amount is now marked as paid.

Unmark an amount as paid

To unmark a payment of an amount you also go to the menu “Payments” of the booking.

Click on the simbol to unmark the payment of an amount, the system will ask you if you the reason to unregister the payment. Fill this in and click on confirm. The payments is now in black or red again in the menu and back in the list of pending payments.

Editing payments



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