Payments of extras

A list of the payments of the extras of the bookings.

You can find the list of payments of extras under Management. Here you can find all the extras per week with the booking number, type of booking, accommodation, agent, tenant, arrival and departure dates, amount of persons, country and the details of the extra; when it needs to be paid, the amount, payment date and the agent who marked the payment.

Above the list you can find several filters;

  • Agent
  • Status – where you can change between: pending, paid extras and all
  • Extra to pay when – to filter by: when booking, when arrival, when departure or all
  • Week – to change the week

You can also order the list by clicking on the titles.

Choose above between “My accommodations” and “Other admininistrator” to show the extras for your accommodations or the ones of bookings you made for accommodations of another administrator.

Mark an extra as paid

To mark an extra as paid you can do two things:

  • Go to Management-> Payments of extras and click on the in front of the extra you would like to register the payment for.
  • You can also open a booking from anywhere in the system by clicking on the booking number, go to the menu extras and click here on the behind the extra you like to mark as paid.

In both ways a small menu will open where you can see the details and edit the payment date if necessary. Sent a confirmation to the client is automatically marked, unmark this if you don´t want to send an email to the client. Click on save, the extra is now marked as paid.

Payments of extras can be marked by the administrator and the agent of the booking. In the list of paid items you can see in the last column which agent marked the extra as paid, you can also consult the history of the booking for more information if you are the administrator.

Note: The email notification sent to the tenant to confirm a payment includes the extras as well as the payment(s) of the rental amount if you are the agent of the booking. It informs the client of all payment dates and amount and the ones already received versus the ones still outstanding. This means for a proper use of this function and emails to be sent correctly you should work with and update both list of Payments of the rental amount as well as Payments of Extras.

Unmark an extra as paid

Unmark a payment of an extra you can also do from:

  • The menu “Payments of extras” under Management
  • In the menu “Extras” of the booking

Click on the to unmark the payment of the extra, the system will ask you if you are sure you want to cancel the payment of this extra, click on OK.

Note: This feature is launched with date 29/08/2012. All extras for bookings with departure date before the 29/08/2012 are automatically marked as paid.



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