When renting a holiday accommodation, there are often additional costs; some are required and others are optional. In addition, there are costs that apply to everyone, while others are dependent on the type of accommodation of the period during which it is rented.
This feature has been included in the system to simplify the calculation of these extras at the time of booking. It is possible to define extras that are calculated per day, per person, per booking, or even per season, so that it is clear to customer from the beginning not only which applicable required costs will be added on, but also which optional extras the customer may wish to add to his reservation. These are all included in the online calculation of the final price.

We differentiate between 2 types of Extras. It is important to determine in which category your extra belongs:

  • Company Extras
    (can be found under ‘Administrator’ => ‘Parameters’ => ‘Company Extras’)
    Company Extras are the extra and general costs of your company that are passed on to the customer and are always the same price. These (can) apply for all accommodations/bookings, such as for example the reservation costs, the rental of a child bed, airport service, etc.
  • Extras
    (can be found in the accommodation itself; highlight the name of the accommodation and right-click => choose Extras)
    Extras are those extra costs that are bound to the accommodation. These are entered with the specific accommodation itself because the sum is dependent on the size and the type of accommodation, such as for example end cleaning, airco and heating costs, etc., but also for adding an extra bed, or a pet deposit, as not every accommodation allows pets or adding another bed.


For extras, go to ‘Accommodations’ => ‘List Accommodations’. Highlight one of the accommodations, right-click, and select ‘Extras’. To add an extra, click ‘New Extra’.

On the screen that appears you can now choose:

  • Use System’s Template An extra that is already in the I-Rent system. This includes: Airco Costs, Heating Costs, Obligatory End Cleaning.
  • Use Own Template An extra that has been created by you or another person within your company. For an overview of all created templates see Accommodation Extras
  • Blank Extra A new extra. You can store this as a Template that you wish to use further and can be found later under ‘Use Own Template’.

Once you have chosen, click Create!

The fields on the screen that opens should be entered as follows:

  • Name Name of the extra
  • Type The type of the extra
  • Obligatory Check this box if the extra is obligatory for every booking
  • Calculation The method of calculation of the extra:
    • Per Booking
      The extra is calculated on a per-booking basis.
    • Per Day
      The sum is calculated based on the number of days booked.
    • Per People
      The sum is calculated based on the number of people that will be occupying the accommodation for that reservation.
    • Per Person and Day
      The sum is calculated per person and per day.
    • % of the Rental Amount
      The extra is calculated as a percentage of the total booking price.
    • Per Accommodation people
      The sum is calculated based on the maximum occupancy of the accommodation, irrespective of how many people will actually be staying.
    • Per Week
      The sum is calculated per week.

  • Payable Payment is due:
    • When Booking
    • Upon Arrival
    • Upon Departure

  • Use When this Extra applies: during the whole year, or are the costs of this Extra only applicable during a specific period? You can also enter the dates of the Air conditioning or Heating Seasons
  • Maximum Quantity The maximum quantity that can be “ordered”. For example: a maximum of
    3 children’s beds.
  • Amount(€) The amount of the extra. Keep in mind that this sum includes any applicable VAT. You can determine the VAT under the next item.
  • Percentage of VAT included(%) If you calculate VAT for the extras, you can indicate the percentage of that VAT that is included in the price mention in item above, here.

Next to the flags, you can add a description in various languages. This text will be used by the website(s).

Finally, you can mark “Make this Extra a template ” if this is an Extra that you will likely use more often in the future. This way, you don’t have to enter all the above data again. Next time, you will only have to adjust, for example, the price.

Click ‘Save’ to store your changes.

Your Extra is now in the list of Extras (click Refresh if you don’t see it).

By clicking you can edit the entered information.




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