Adding a new accommodation

Go to ‘Accommodations’ and choose ‘List Accommodations’. In the top-left, click New accommodation.

Fill in the fields in the screen that opens as follows:

  • Name Name of the accommodation
  • Type Type of accommodation
  • Country Country where the accommodation is located
  • Area Name of the touristic area or province
  • Location City/Place name
  • Urbanization Name of the urbanization where the accommodation is located: zone, neighbourhood, or community within the location.
  • People The accommodation’s stated maximum occupancy
  • Floors The number of floors in the accommodation
  • Share planning with This option can be used in the case that the accommodation is to be rented using more than one profile. For example, the entire accommodation or also a smaller number of people (and thus for a different price), but also if the accommodation is to be rented using weekly or monthly prices. In reality, there is only one accommodation, but you can offer this accommodation for rent in different ways for different reasons. The calendar/planner must therefore indeed be split and shared in order to prevent double bookings.

In the case you wish to share the accommodation, first create the original. The next time(s) you create the same accommodation, check ‘Share planning with’ and always choose the original (the first upload) of this accommodation, with which the calendar will be shared.

Fill in all details and click ‘Create!’. Make sure you have added credit to your I-Rent account since a small fee might be charged for each accommodation you upload according to your agreement, the creation cost are mentioned in the screen.

The accommodation is in the system and you will return to the overview: ‘List accommodations’. The accommodation is automatically listed under ‘Show visible properties only’. The term visible means that the accommodation is visible in the system, and not (yet) on the websites.

It is very important that you now start filling in the data as detailed as possible. Every piece of information has a purpose that will lead to a more efficient rental, which will result in more bookings. Highlight the name of the accommodation and right-click. The menus of the particular accommodation will open. Enter each subject and fill in the required details. (see Filling in accommodation details).

Note: The name of the accommodation:
– cannot start with a number
– cannot be written all in capitals
– can only exist once within the same location

Note: In case the location or zone of your accommodation is not in the list, get in contact with us as quickly as possible so that we can add it for you.



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