Accommodation Evaluation in Stars

Is part of the menu accommodation information, which you can access with your right mouse click on the accommodation in the list accommodations. Each accommodation receives a valuation in terms of stars, where luxurious accommodations receive a minimum of 2 stars and a maximum of 5 stars. The 6-star rating under General Evaluation is only applicable to VIP accommodations with service personnel.
The rating of the categories range from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest rating.

The following categories can be rated:

The rating of an accommodation’s view of the surrounding area. (1= no view, 5= unbelievably fantastic view)

The rating of the amount of peace and quiet, as well as privacy that the accommodation’s location provides: can one see in from the outside, distance from neighbours, etc. A quiet location can also be measured in terms of outside noise: busy streets in the area, city noise, etc. (1= some noise, 5= very quiet, with lots of privacy)

The rating of the accommodation’s interior is determined by overall comfort, furniture quality, and view of outside from inside. (1= sufficient, 5= luxurious)

The kitchen rating is determined by the size, style, furnishings, and comfort. (1= sufficient, 5= luxurious)

The bathroom rating is determined by size, style, equipment, and comfort. (1= sufficient, 5= luxurious)

The exterior rating is determined by comfort, furniture quality, and presence of terraces, if any. (1= sufficient, 5=luxurious)

The garden and swimming pool are rated by size, style, quality, and comfort (1= sufficient, 5= luxurious)

Note: In case one of the categories does not apply you can leave it as N/A (not applicable)



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