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Akomgo.com is an up-to-the-minute web portal for advertising your holiday home.
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Akomgo.com is more!

So much more! You advertise on akomgo.com. You look for clients, you find clients, (and your clients find you). You manage your bookings, collect revenue, and maintain an overview of all the things to do with your holiday home. Prices and seasons? You set them. Change photos or add extra services? It’s fast and easy. Send booking confirmations to your guests, set the currency for payments, update the calendar, and answer questions. You can even create your own website in 10 different languages. Your listing on Akomgo.com makes your life as property owner and landlord so much easier.

Your personal bookings system

  • Now you can answer queries quickly and correctly. With a single click, you can place bookings, administer them, and record them in the calendar. You have access to a clear reservations form and can communicate clearly and directly with the tenant. You can access your personal bookings system anywhere, anytime.

Online booking

  • Wherever you are, your booking system is available to you. Every moment of the day, you have an overview so you can respond to requests and finalize bookings and administration, right up to presenting the bill.

Professional reservations form

  • Akomgo.com automatically creates a reservation form for each booking in the language of your choice. And in one click, the tenant can see that they have booked cialis generic medicine, including terms and conditions.

Automatic price calculation

  • Tenants fill out the desired start and end dates on the calendar and in one click, they get the full price, including all required services and extras. Your tenants appreciate instant clarity.


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